To run a new analysis, make sure you have uploaded the samples you want to analyze. If you’re not sure how to do that, see our previous tutorial on how to add a sample to Basepair. 

1, Hover over the analysis tab at the top and click on “New Analysis.”

2. Choose the pipeline you want to run. 

3. Select the sample or samples you want to analyze.

4. Feel free to change the analysis name as needed.

5. (optional) If you’re an advanced user and want to customize your analysis parameters, you can do so by clicking “change default options.”

6. Finally, click “run analysis." 

The time it takes to run an analysis depends on the pipeline, but can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a differential expression analysis, to a few hours for a single cell RNA-seq analysis. 

If you’re running multiple analyses at once, this won’t increase the time it takes to run an analysis on Basepair, since we fire up servers on demand and all analyses run in parallel.