Navigating the Dashboard

When you first log in to your dashboard, you’ll see two projects: Project 1, which is automatically created for you and where you can start uploading your samples; and Example Data, which is where all the example data reports are stored. 

You can always access example data reports by clicking into the example data project analyses. Keep in mind that the example data project is view-only, so you cannot run your own analyses on this data. You’ll want to upload your own samples into project 1 instead. 

Uploading Samples & Running Analyses

There are a couple ways to upload a sample from your computer. You can click the upload tab at the top, or click the upload button in the project directly.

If you have an Illumina BaseSpace account or your data is stored on an FTP drive, there are two much faster ways to upload your samples to Basepair. Click on Samples, then select one of the above options. You can also upload samples directly from NCBI’s GEO and SRA databases. 

Once you have samples uploaded, you can start running analyses on your data by clicking the analysis tab at the top, or clicking the Run Analysis button directly in your project. 

Pipeline Overviews 

If you’d like to see a more detailed overview of the analysis pipelines we have, click the pipelines tab. Here you’ll find the pipelines, grouped by data type. Click on any individual pipeline to see the steps in the pipeline.

Need More Help?

Lastly, if you need help, check out our help articles, or chat with us directly by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right. We’re always happy to help.